A Halal certificate is an increasingly sought-after quality claim in the food world and is important to meet the requirements of the Muslim consumer. Below is explained how the process of Halal certification works.


It all starts with an application,  you can contact us either via our web page or directly by phone. One of the colleagues will discuss with you about the possibilities of Halal certification for your company. We would like to know in advance which products you produce and how the production process works. For example, no pig may be used in the products or on the same production line. We think it is important to indicate in advance what is or is not possible so that a company can take this into account. In addition, it must be taken into account that if some raw materials do not meet the Halal requirements, alternatives must be sought.





During the introductory meeting we would like to meet you personally and watch the production location. In this way we can make a good estimate of the feasibility of certification and to provide advice if necessary. An introductory meeting is completely non-binding with us and no extra costs will be charged.

Intro. Meeting 


Quotation will be prepared  and send all documentation such as contracts, confidentiality, etc. We are happy to make clear agreements with you as a customer so that you are not faced with any surprises afterwards.

& documentation

We do the inspection of the product (s) and their process. Before the audit takes place, one of our auditors will first discuss an audit plan with you and indicate which matters must have been sent in advance or must be ready during the audit. On average, an audit takes a day, this can of course be longer or shorter, which differs per company.



After the auditors have performed an audit, a report is drawn up. Based on the report, you prepare or implement improvement measures. After sending the proposed improvement measures, the auditor assesses this and advises our decision-making committee. In the decision-making process, our experts jointly check whether everything has gone according to the procedure. If an approval is given, the certificate can be issued.


The real work only starts when the certificate is issued. We think it is important that our customers are well supported before and after the inspection. Our team is ready when support is needed.

After Care